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Horseracing Handicapping Software

The  American Thoroughbred  Handicapper   HRH_ATH_2008
The  American Quarter Horse  Handicapper    HRH_AQH_2005
The  American  Standardbred  Handicapper    HRH_ASH_2008

The HRH_AQH_2005 and HRH_ATH_2008 uses Brisnet PP single coma delimited data files. The HRH_ASH_2008 uses Trackmaster PP .exe files,our Horseracing Software really works and is as good and very often better, then much higher priced  Software. We also made the Software easy to use and in just 5 minutes your days selections will be printed and ready for you to use.

We have tested many of our competitors Programs and we are confident that you will be pleased with our software. and will give you 100% support. You can phone us with your problems, send us an email or use our Live Chat. We will get back to you A.S.A.P. , not in a few days, like some other companies, but right away, and we will work with you to get your problems resolved.

Please read our NEWS page for important information regarding our new installation utilizing the Oracle’s TM Virtualbox so that our software will now run on the Windows 10 64 bit platform and continue to bring you winners into the future. I have updated the Import file to Windows 10 32 bit its like having a computer within a computer, Its very easy to set up download and install two files and download and Import the Appliance file to the Oracle Virtual Box. There is a version of the Oracle TM Virtualbox for the Mac also so I am hoping that Mac Users will be able to benefit from the HRH software also.

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