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News from the Horseracing Handicapper  


Well its a new Decade and to mark the occasion I have changed all prices to CAD, I have upgraded my Paypal to a Business Account but with the differance in exchange rates between USD & CAD gives you a much more discounted price.
Since 2021 is going to be very Big for Crypto and digital payments with Paypal leading the way in adoption I have incorporated Crypto Pay Buttons on the Payment Page.
Also since most computers now run on Windows 10 64 bit systems, I have made installation a bit easier for those who wish to install utilizing a USB flash Drive. The Flash Drive now includes a portable version of Oracle Virtual Box which when run automatically installs the Oracle Virtual Box on your C drive and you just import the Win 32bit module into it , the module is also included on the flashdrive so everything is at your fingertips.
I hope you and your family are safe during these trying times and that Horseracing brings a bit of relaxation and satisfaction in your leisure hours. I wish you all the best and good Handicapping to you. May the New Year and New Decade bring you many Winners using HRH Software.w
John Kingsley