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As mention earlier our Software runs on 64 bit Computers now. There is one simple zipfile download which extracts to a Menu Driven Installer, complete with Manuals and contact information.  You still will need registration Serial Numbers to input after you run the Installer.  For those wishing a Trial Version I will provide a Serial Number for the HRH_AQH_2023 Quarterhorse Racing when you contact me by email this is very similiar to the HRH_ATH_2023 Thoroughbred Software both use PP single coma limited Data Files purchased from Brisnet. It will give you a good Trial to make sure everything is setup and running before you Update or Purchase the Software. Previous HRH Purchasers will be able to Upgrade for $29.95 CA and New Handicappers can purchase the HRH_2023 Edition for $99.95 CA, a great Deal for all three Software Packages, Thoroughbred, Harness and Quarterhorse Racing.
I hope you and your family are safe during these trying times and that Horseracing brings a bit of relaxation and satisfaction in your leisure hours. I also hope the New Year brings you many Winners using HRH_Platinum_Edition_2023 Software.

Email Us for a Serial Number for a Fully Functional Demo of HRH_AQH_2023 Quarterhorse Racing Software.