Software from HorseRacing-Handicapper

American Thoroughbred Handicapper handles Brisnet PP Data Files
American Standardbred Handicapper handles Trackmaster Exe Data File
American Quarterhorse Handicapper handles Brisnet PP Data Files

Just Click on the Links to download our new HRH Platinum Edition 2023 Software unzip the file and you will have a One Click Menu to install all of our Programs.
Each of our Software Products requires a Serial Number to install. The HRH_AQH_2023 is a Free Demo Product I will email you a Serial Number when you contact
me. All the products work the same way so you will have a good working knowledge of it before you even buy.

The newest feature of course is that our Software now installs directly to Windows 11 64bit Desktop, there is no need of Virtual Boxes, or huge download files
to contend with just one simple zip file

Email Us
for a Serial Number for a Fully Functional Demo of HRH_AQH Quarterhorse
racing Software.